Let’s Talk Bags

I can’t do it. I just can’t! I can’t get into the small, over the shoulder belt bag trend. See below…

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I don’t care what color it comes in or which brand makes the bag, it’s just not for me. I don’t know if the reason is it’s too trendy or that it’s not practical for me. Or, it could be PTSD from the fanny packs of my childhood. This is one trend I’m not adding to my closet. Here are the bags I use instead.

Image Credit: Target

I’ve already posted about this bag for summer. It’s on trend without being too trendy. I’ll be able to use this summer after summer.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I love this cute Carabiner Crossbody bag from Madewell. It’s available at Nordstrom. I like that the carabiners add a little interest without being over the top. It comes in seven colors, but I’d stick with the tan. It’s $110. Not too pricey!

Image Credit: Target

Another great crossbody option from Target. I love black & gold together. The two-tone strap makes it a little more casual & fun. Plus it’s on $25.

Image Credit: Goyard

The Anjou PM Bag is my all time favorite tote! It’s reversible which is fabulous!!! I get two bags for the price of one, which is a good thing considering it’s cost. It’s over $3000. I got mine at Bergdorf’s in NYC. I use it for everything…purse, laptop carrier, carry-on bag, etc. I also really like that it’s soft and foldable so I can pack it as well.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

This Reversible Tote from Street Level is available at Nordstrom. Same color combo but at price point under $50. Tote bags never go out of style!!!

Are you into trendy bags or do you stick with a classic? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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