Summer Bag

Call me bougie or spoiled but I love a good designer bag. I’m usually toting my Goyard or a Louis. For summer, I’m trying something different.

Image Credit: Target

I’m using a straw bag from Target. It’s the Straw Oval Top Handle Bag. While it’s smaller than what I’m used to, it forces me to bring just the essentials. So nice not to be weighed down while I’m already hot!! And, it’s only $30!

I love the leather detail on the handle so the straw doesn’t scratch me. The straw is wrapped around a sturdy frame so it holds its shape and stands up easily. The handle and opening are large enough so that I can hang it on a chair when I’m out to eat. It doesn’t have to sit on the floor. Check out my social media pages to see it with some outfits. 😎

Do you switch up your bag for summer? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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