Splurge Vs. Save – Silk Scrunchies

If you pull your hair up, you got check out these silk scrunchies. Especially if you sleep with your hair up – ponytail, pineapple, or other variation. I love them because they don’t crease or kink my hair, they don’t break my hair or cause damage, and they never get tangled in my hair. They’re perfect for all hair types and textures but work especially well for curly, coily, and kinky hair!

Image Credit: Sephora

A few years ago, I got the Slip Scrunchies. I was so in love with my Slip pillowcase, I thought, why not give them a try? I was so glad I did. As I said they’re prefect for my thin, curly hair. If I pineapple my hair to go to sleep, Day 2 hair doesn’t have any kinks or bends. It doesn’t pull as tightly on my hair, so I’m not losing any additional strands. When you’re hair is as thin as mine, every strand counts! Only thing I didn’t love about these were the price. I think at the time I paid $30 for three. Ouch!!! A five pack is now up to $45. You can order them at Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, and the Slip site.

Image Credit: Amazon

I found a really great dupe for the Slip scrunchies on Amazon. The LILYSILK are also 100% silk. They’re the same size band and a 9 pack costs $26.99! A much better deal. Again these work really well and provide the same benefits of the more expensive option. Plus, there were enough in the pack that my daughter and I split them. 😎

While both options are pricey for products that you can grab at a way lower cost, they do offer more benefits than your standard hair elastics. If you have a split ends or your hair is damaged and breaks easily, I recommend you switch to silk! You’ll be happy you did.

Have you thought about switching to silk scrunchies? Do you sleep with your hair pulled up? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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