Still in Florida, so that means my hair products are working extra hard to fight the humidity. When I travel to humid places, I switch out my shampoo and conditioner for extra moisturizing products. My favorite two are from CurlSmith.

Image Credit: CurlSmith

I rotate this products at home, but they are my go to’s as soon as I leave my home state. First up is the Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash. You should check this out even if you don’t have curly hair!! It’s a great moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. It’s smells great too! Reminds me of fruit punch from when I was a kid. It doesn’t a great job of helping to control frizz and keeping my curls defined. I have a regular bottle at home and grab the travel size for the road. A regular bottle usually lasts me three months. I can stretch the travel size out for two weeks. If you have oily hair, make sure to rinse completely.

Image Credit: CurlSmith

I follow up the shampoo with the Double Cream Deep Quencher. Again, smells fabulous! It helps keep the hair moisturized so I have little to no frizz. I concentrate it on the middle to ends of my hair. I finger comb it through and make sure to get some on the roots. I love that it’s super hydrating without weighing down my curls. They turn out light and bouncy. When I rinse my hair it feels very soft and silky. A regular size tub lasts approximately two months and a the travel size is good or about 10 days.

You can the products from Ulta or CurlSmith’s website. I don’t recommend ordering these from Amazon.

I follow up with my regular styling routine. Check out my previous post here for those products.

Do you change up your hair routine when you travel? What are your favorite anti-humidity products? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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