Best Aluminum Free Deodorants

Sitting in Orlando and it’s freaking hot so I might as well talk about deodorant! Awhile ago I switched to aluminum free deodorant. I’ve tried a few, including Native, but the two below are my favorite!

Image Credit: Amazon

For everyday wear, I love Dove’s 0% Aluminum Free deodorant. They have great fresh scents that aren’t overpowering. I currently use the Rose Petals fragrance. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin even after shaving. I like that it doesn’t discolor my skin. It lasts all day! I also like that their formula doesn’t stain my clothes or leave a white residue. I’ve had some clear formulas that ruin my tops.

Image Credit: Amazon

My favorite for super sweaty workouts or beach days is Secret’s Aluminum Free Deodorant. I like this one because it lasts a bit longer through tough workouts and also keeps me a little drier. I currently have the Lavender scent. Definitely don’t care for the Coconut scent. They have a new Rose scent that I’ll get next. This deodorant hasn’t ruined any of my shirts but will leave a white residue behind on dark colored clothing.

I tried other clean deodorant brands and just couldn’t get on board. They either didn’t work, they smelled bad, or they ruined my clothes. I’ll stick with the two brands above!

Of course I order mine from Amazon, but I like that both brands are readily available at the grocery store, big box stores, and drug stores. I don’t have to search to find it.

Have you switched to aluminum free deodorant? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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