Splurge Vs. Save – Lamp Edition

We recently updated our home. When we moved in, the house was painted in yellow and brown tones. I couldn’t take it anymore, so we had every room repainted in a very neutral shade. With the new colors came new decor, and we desperately need new lamps. I found the perfect pair and decided I was going to find them at a cheaper price.

Image Credit: One King’s Lane

These are the originals lamps I came across from One King’s Lane. They fit my color scheme perfectly. I loved them and so did my husband. At the time, they weren’t on sale and I just couldn’t justify $265 for two lamps. Wasn’t going to happen. So I hit the internet to see what else I could find.

Image Credit: Amazon

I found the exact same pair on Amazon for $161. Score!!! These suckers went right into my cart. I had them in a day. I was so excited I got what I wanted and saved $100 in the process.

It goes to show you that a little time researching can help you save money.

Do you buy the first thing you see or do you shop around? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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