Water is your friend!

While that is definitely true when it comes to your health, it’s even more important for your curls!! I’m not kidding, while we typically hide indoors while it’s super humid out, one thing that can help is more water. Wait, huh? You read that right!! It took me years to learn this trick.

I’ve been asked to share my hair routine and wanted to make sure I included this tip on water, but your curls start even before you get your hair wet. You want to have the right cut. I have a certified curly hair stylist cut my hair. He cuts it dry. Curls stretch when they’re wet so you get a better idea of the shape when your hair is cut dry & you don’t risk cutting it too short. Totally worth the time to find a stylist that can do a curly girl cut!! Love you Terrell!

Once you’re cut is sorted then you gotta wash and care for your curls. As I said in my first post, I love the L’Oreal Ever Strong Shampoo & Conditioner. You want a shampoo & conditioner that is sulfate free and water soluble. It’s better for the curls. I make sure my hair is soaking wet before I add the shampoo…I mean dripping.

I use a scalp scrubber to shampoo my hair. It supposed to help with hair loss and volume. All things I need help with. After I rinsed my curls, I soak them again before applying conditioner. Again, you want them dripping wet. The more water at this stage the better. I use my fingers to comb the conditioner through focusing on the ends. I rake the curls with my fingers to form groups of curls. I let the conditioner sit while I wash my face and then I rinse. I rinse the conditioner with cooler water and don’t rinse all of it out.

When it’s still dripping, I take a quarter size dollop of Davines Curl Creme and rake that through my curls. When that’s distributed, I apply a ping pong ball size of Davines Curl Mousse. I scrunch that in the curls so it gets rid of the excess water. Then I wrap it up in my microfiber towel while I dry off and get ready.

I usually leave it wrapped up for about 20 minutes. When I take it out of the towel, I spray it with Davines Curl Primer. I use 10-15 pumps, again making sure I don’t miss the ends. After that, I shake my hair upside down. When I flip it back up, I use my fingers to put the curls where I want and then I use my fingers to fluff up the roots a bit.

Then it’s under the dryer with a diffuser. I use a Jinri Infrared Ion X Professional (Amazon.com). I dry it until it’s just damp and the flip my head over and finish drying it upside down. It gives me a little more volume. When it’s completely dry and before I flip back up, I scrunch the curls one more time. Once I’m upright I use a little Innersense Finishing Spray to set my bangs in place. And that’s it.

I know that sounds like a lot of effort when it’s written down like this, but I swear it doesn’t take long. The combo of the water and the products keeps my frizz at bay!

How do you care for your curls? What are you favorite products? Do you air dry or use a diffuser?

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