Easy Peasy Nails for Days

So…I don’t paint my nails a lot; 1) it’s time and effort, 2) it never lasts, and 3) I don’t want the keep up. Yes I’ve tried gel, dip, acrylics and everything else out there. It’s just not for me, although sometimes I do want to the look.

Enter Color Street. In 15 minutes my nails are painted and dried and I’m ready to go. 💅🏻 They have a lot of color and styles. I typically stick to the light, solid colors or the French manicure, but there is something for everyone. And shockingly they last 10 days or more. I don’t get that longevity from a salon manicure. And these come off with regular polish remover & don’t ruin my nails. Score!!! Hit me up if you want an intro to my nail stylist 😉

Are painted nails your thing – yes or no?

Before color street
The kit.
During application.
Finished product!

5 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Nails for Days

  1. So they really last 10 days? I might be interested in giving them a try based on your recommendation. 😀

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    >For me they do and I’m not easy on my nails. They last through dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc. I get a good 7-10 days depending on what I’ve been doing. I’m happy to connect you with my rep, Stacey, if you want to give them a try. Or host an online party for her and get yours for free!!

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  2. I progressed from acrylics, gel, regular many/ pedi, when I needed my nails done, ( by myself or manicurist ), I purchased the polish for a touch up, and now to Covid Quarantine nails!!!! I am Safer at Home/ retired, sooooooo I do cuticle care and file my nails only!!!! They are the healthiest they have been, prior to acrylics!!!!!

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