Nailed It!

I have a love hate relationship with doing my nails. I always like the look when they’re done but hate spending the time and money to do them. I’ve mentioned Color Street before. Their strips are perfect when I want a quick polished look on my natural nails. Check out the previous post:

Sometimes I want the look of acrylics. Either my nails are too short or too weak to hold polish when I go this route. However, it’s freaking expensive and always makes my natural nails worse. I usually end up regretting getting them in two days. I’ve been on the hunt for other options. I hadn’t tried press on nails since 80’s and had not used glue on nails since the early 2000’s. Still not a huge fan of glue on nails but thought it was worth giving press on nails another shot.

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I started with Impress nails by Kiss. I grabbed a couple at the drugstore to try. I like that they have plain colors and patterns in different lengths. I can’t handle anything other than the Short length. Otherwise, I’m stabbing myself in the eye when I take out my contacts. I like that they have trendy colors and patterns along with classic styles. Super easy to apply and done in under 10 minutes. They’re also fairly easy to remove and only cause very minimal peeling of my natural nail. The ones I used stayed on for under a week. I’d recommend these if you’re looking for frequent changes or only wearing them for a special event.

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After doing a little research, I tried Dashing Diva’s Magic Press. Again, love the options for short nails in solid colors. They don’t have as many patterned choices, but I was able to find a few I liked in the short length. I’m currently wearing Honey Sparkle (pics at Facebook and Instagram). So far, they’ve lasted 10 days. I did get the Base Shield for Magic Press as well. I think that’s helped increase the wear time. I also got the French Quartz and Better Be Blue. Better Be Blue is a blue french manicure that I think I’ll wear for vacation. I love that they also took about 10 minutes to apply. They were short enough I didn’t need to do any filing to make them shorter. Perfect length for me!! Definitely worth checking out if you want something that lasts longer than a few days.

What do you prefer? Natural nails, painted or acrylics? I’ll stick with the press on nails and color strips. Love, TC

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