Bestest Bathing Suit Ever!!!!

I hate bathing suit season. I have a weird length torso, hate my cellulite and tummy and just don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I’ve been playing around with different styles for years. And this summer, I landed on one I absolutely love, one that is pretty great and one that doesn’t makes me feel old and dumpy…the Magicsuit Bianca Romper in Black ( Sweet baby Jesus! This one kicks some major ass!! Holds in my stomach, covers my thighs, and has some cleavage without showing too much. I’m extremely comfortable in it and doesn’t make me look like a grandma. It hits everything I want in a suit!! Love love love it and have to thank the random woman at the pool in VA who had it on and was nice enough to share with me where she got it!! Thanks stranger, you made my summer so much better!! FYI – this suit is expensive ($178) and I wouldn’t usually pay that much but so freaking glad I did!! Totally worth every penny! And to increase looking good I added this hat too! Looked better with the suit than my typical baseball hat (Go Yankees!!)

Another suit I really like is Cupshe’s Halter Lace-Up Back one piece ( It’s a great teal color which I normally wouldn’t pick. Again, super comfortable on. Good support for the girls and the ruching helps with the tummy. I’ve worn it a few different times and have been very happy with it each time and for $24.99 how could you not love it??? I throw a sheer black shawl over it as a sarong and good by thighs!

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