Summer Beverage

With a name like Tipsy Curls, my next post has to be about one of my favorite summer drinks…Ramona Wine Spritzs!  Could it get any easier? Pop the top & pour!!

The original Ruby Grapefruit Spritz got me hooked. I loved it the first time I had it at a restaurant in VA. I had to have it at home, so I tracked it down and had some shipped to the house. Ramona ships directly to many states, but not to MD…bummer. I used Verve Wines ( and Taylor’s Wines ( instead to get mix fix.

The grapefruit is a white wine base with ruby red grapefruit juice. It’s light, refreshing and hits the spot in this hot weather!!! And it’s made with organic juice, so that makes it a health drink as far as I’m concerned.

After trying the OG I tried the Meyer Lemon next. It was okay but not nearly as good as the Grapefruit. Maybe too tart for my taste?

Next up was the Dry Sparkling Rose. Not a spritzer just wine in a can, but light and refreshing and easier than opening a whole bottle when you just want a glass. And again, organic grapes in this one, so look at me being a health nut!

They’ve added two new flavors Dry Grapefruit and Blood Orange. I just got the Blood Orange and love it as well. It’s a little less sweet than the Grapefruit but just as refreshing and enjoyable. Next to try is the dry grapefruit.

And did I mention all of these come from Italy? I guess that’s why my Italian has gotten better – Ciao mi amicas!

What’s your favorite summer time beverage? And stay tuned because I’ll share one of my favorite drink recipes…

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