Spritzs make me happy!

Who doesn’t love a goo spritz during warmer weather? While I love an Aperol Spritz, sometimes I don’t have the ingredients or want to spend the time making it. That’s where Ramona saves the day!!!

I’ve talked about them before, it’s so worth mentioning them again!!! Plus there are now more flavors! Yum!

The original is the Ruby Grapefruit. I had it and was instantly hooked. And I hate grapefruit!!!!! It has a deliciously light taste and isn’t too fruity or sweet. Perfect for relaxing by the fire pit on a summer evening. It goes great with just about everything!

Image Credit: Drink Ramona

I’m also hooked on the Blood Orange version as well. Really blood orange is one of my favorite flavors so how can you go wrong? This one has a bit of a stronger taste is is slightly sweeter than the grapefruit.

They have Lemon, a Dry Grapefruit, Sparkling Rosé, and a new Bitter Orange (Amarino). I’ve tried them all with the original grapefruit and blood orange being my favorite. I just got a case of the Amarino flavor in and am excited to try it out on my next girls’ night!

I love that these travel well since they come in a can. I throw some in the cooler on the way to the beach or pool. Plus they aren’t high in alcohol volume so you don’t get too tipsy. They range in calories from 90-140. Not bad for a serving of alcohol!

At home, I typically serve mine in stemless wineglass as I’m drinking them outside. Inside, I use a large red wine glass like I would for any spritz. Check out my social media pages for some of my favorite glasses!

If you haven’t tried Ramona yet, you need to!! Check out their website here! Also, did I mention they are organic? Even better!!!

Do you enjoy a good spritz? What are some of your summer favorites? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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