Makeup Tips – Mascara

Aging has changed the way I use mascara. Never thought that would be a thing but it is. I’ve changed up my routine. I now use primer and waterproof mascara. I’ve ditched the eyelash curler. It’s amazing the difference small changes can make.

Image Credit: Ulta

I never used mascara primer before. My lashes are long, so I never thought I needed it. As my eyes are becoming hooded, my lashes rest on them and the mascara transfers to my skin. Using primer has helped to keep the mascara on my lashes. It hasn’t transferred nearly as much. Just apply the primer from the mid part of the lashes to your tips. Don’t cover the entire eyelash. I’ve been using the Lancome primer, but there are a bunch of options out there.

Image Credit: Sephora

Another trick to keep my mascara from transferring to my eyelids, I’ve switched to waterproof mascara. The formula holds up better against the skin. Again, way less transfer to my lids. I like Dior’s Overcurl Waterproof Mascara. L’Oreal’s Voluminous Waterproof mascara is another good one at a cheaper price point.

I also stopped using an eye lash curler. While curling your lashes can help to open up your eyes, it doesn’t look as good if your eyes are hooded. It also facilitates mascara transferring to your eyelids. I stick with a good curling mascara to help my eyes look open without being over the top.

Two things I haven’t changed, I never apply mascara to my bottom lashes, and I always wipe the brush before applying mascara. Years ago, I read that mascara on your bottom lashes makes dark circles look even darker. It can also make your eyes look a little droopy. That was enough for me. As our eyes age, you certainly don’t want them to look droopy, and dark circles never look good. I’ve also noticed that mascara on your bottom lashes flakes way more than on your top lashes. It’s a cleaner look to leave your bottom lashes bare.

The other tricked I learned from Kevin Aucoin was to wipe your mascara brush off by swiping it through a tissue to remove excess product. It keeps your the mascara from clumping on your lashes. You get better definition on each lash. It helps to open your eye.

I use black mascara for now but will switch to brown in the future. It’s less harsh when you have lighter hair or are fully gray. I’m not completely gray yet, and my hair is fairly dark, so black for now.

After you apply your mascara, it’s always a good idea to sweep a clean powder brush under your eye to get rid of any flakes!

What is your favorite mascara tip? Do you have a brand that you stick with? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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