I still don’t want to cook!

Even though I plan out dinner for the week, I still rarely feel like cooking. Thank goodness last night was an easy one! Skinnytaste to the rescue for a fast & delicious dinner that didn’t take a whole lot of effort on my part!

Image Credit: Skinnytaste

Last night I made Fish Florentine. It’s one the thousands of free recipes on the Skinnytaste site. If you don’t follow her yet, you really need to!!!! Here’s the full recipe.

I usually stick with tilapia but you could use pretty much any white fish – cod, haddock, mahi mahi, you get the idea. The only chopping I do is the red pepper. Otherwise, the Florentine gets cooked in one pan while the fish cook in another. That’s it! Dinner in under 20 minutes.

I follow this recipe exactly, except that I usually make a double batch of the spinach mixture. My family loves it so much and always wants extra. It usually ends up being a side for the next night too.

It works really well as leftovers. Quick minute in the microwave and you have a perfect lunch. Do you have a favorite site for recipes?

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