Company Is Coming

When I have company stay over, I want everyone to feel at home. Come on in and make yourself comfortable! I seriously want you to help yourself and make our home yours.

Over the years, I’ve learned some tricks to help. First, I stock their bedroom with water, coffee, and tea. Nothing fancy, just some small bottles of water. We have a single cup Keurig I leave in there with a selection of coffee & tea. Some people are early risers and worry about waking up the rest of the house. This way, they don’t have to leave their room. I have different creamers and types of sweetener. Just make sure you leave a trash can nearby for the waste. I use regular coffee mugs but you could always use disposable cups.

I also stock a bin with some snacks. Typically I put out mini Kind bars or granola bars. Maybe some rice crisps or chips and always a little chocolate. You never know when a chocolate craving will kick in. 😉

In the bathroom, I stock it full of our free samples and travels goodies. You know the free toothbrush you get from the dentist, it goes in there. All the toiletries I get while on travel get stocked in our spare bathroom. They’re the perfect size for overnight guests. I make sure to have Qtips, cotton rounds, and tissues stocked. Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper as well. I always leave a plunger in the bathroom too. Who wants to have to ask for one right??

I also stock the medicine cabinet with the free samples I get from Sephora. Forgot perfume, I got you! Need an eye cream? It’s in there. Hair gel? You got it. It’s a great way to use all the freebies you get! I also leave a hair dryer in there.

In the closet I keep an extra iron and ironing board. It’s an old one but I got a new cover and it looks fine. I also have extra pillows and blankets in there too. Just makes it easier if your guests don’t have to ask for anything. I’ve learned people feel like a bother when they have to ask.

My last trick, always ask if there are any allergies or anything special you can have to make them feel at home. For our last guests, I knew they loved green tea. I hate it but made sure to have some in the house. I sent them home with what was left so it didn’t go to waste.

Again, I just want you to feel at home!! Traveling is stressful enough, while you’re here I want my guests to relax!

What do you do when you have company coming? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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