It’s all about the pillows!

For me, a pillow can totally make or break my sleep. I hate hard pillows! I don’t want feathers either. They’re flat in under a minute. A crappy pillow will make my neck hurt, and at this age we know it takes weeks to recover from sleeping wrong. 😉

Image Credit: Amazon

I swear by latex foam pillows! I have ones similar to these. My husband only used down feather pillows until I introduced him to these beauties!! They’re the best. They hold their shape, they don’t go flat, they provide great support, and they don’t get hot. Some of the memory foam pillows hold heat and make it super uncomfortable to sleep.

Image Credit: Amazon

Everyone in my family now uses latex foam pillows. When buying make sure to get one with a washable cover. Sometimes the latex can have a bit of a smell to start. I recommend airing them out, washing the cover, and spraying both pillow & cover with Febreeze or something similar. Works like a charm!

They come in different firmness and size. We have worth the standard and kings sizes. I typically stick to the medium firmness. If you’re a stomach sleeper, I recommend the soft.

Do you have a favorite type of pillow? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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