I’m hot!!

The weather at home is super hot lately. Most of you are experiencing the same thing as well. I hate being hot. I’d rather be cold any day. Here’s what I’m wearing to beat the heat while I’m out and about.

Image Credit: Old Navy & Target

Errands and the dreaded grocery store are up first. I don’t know about you but I freaking freeze when getting groceries, so I always layer. I threw on my white v-neck t-shirt and high waist black shorts from Old Navy. I took my jean jacket with me and wore my slides from Target. I was fine while out and about and didn’t freeze to death in the grocery store.

Image Credit: Nordstrom, Target & Walmart

Doctors visits with my daughter. Since she’s headed out to college soon we are visiting every doctor. Again, super hot out but ducking freezing in their office. For these visits I wore my black linen pants from Target. I paired it with the new Pintuck Cami I got from the Anniversary sale & brought my jean jacket again. I threw on my favorite braided sandals and was good to go for the day!

Image Credit: Aerie and Old Navy

My work from home Starbucks run meant I wore comfy clothes. I had on my new high waist tech shorts from Old Navy and a white tank from aerie. I grabbed my favorite sweatshirt and sneakers. My feet are always freezing when working from home.

Image Credit: Target & Walmart

Date night was my favorite black dress from Target with my braided sandals. Instead of my jean jacket this time, I grabbed a black wrap that I had purchased in Italy. Dressed it up a little without being too fancy!!

What are you wearing during the heat wave? What are your favorite hot weather pieces? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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