Splurge Vs. Save – Dorm Edition

Packing for school as changed so much from when I was a college freshman. I never thought about wallpaper, a headboard, or a nightstand. Kids these days look at soooooo much stuff. After some searching, we found some really good dupes for some of the most expensive products.

Image Credit: Dormify

Up first, the Dormify Sutton Charging 3-Drawer Cart of Wheels. It makes the perfect nightstand/storage cart for the raised beds. It has a USB charging spot so they can keep their phones charging while by their bed. Makes it easy to reach the phone when they use it as an alarm clock. Plus, it has one outlet so they can plug in a reading lamp. The drawers are great for extra storage, and it comes in a variety of colors to match their decor. It comes in at $159 before taxes and shipping.

Image Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

I found a great dupe at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The Simply Essential Storage Cart with USB Charging Station is perfect. Again, three drawers, on wheels too, and has the USB chargers and outlet. This cart only comes in white, but white goes with everything! It was also highly rated on the website. It’s originally $80, basically 50% off of the Dormify option. However, with my daughter’s student discount, it came in at $64. Score. She got what she wanted, and I didn’t have to pay too much! Winner!!!!!!!!

Image Credit: Dormify

Headboards are a big deal, who knew?!?! Again, Dormify had some great options. She really liked the Chloe Velvet Charging Studded headboard in black. Easily attaches to the wall and works with a twin or twin XL bed. It also provides an outlet to keep your devices charged. It’s padded so it’s nice & comfy as well. This one comes in at $239.

Image Credit: Amazon

I couldn’t stand the thought of spending that much on something she’s going to use for one school year, so I found the Iconic Home Velvet Upholstered Nailhead Trim Headboard in black on Amazon. This one is $97.56. It doesn’t come with a charging station but it’s a much better price point for us. Also, this one is standard headboard, so it will have to sit between her bed & the wall. I’m guessing we’ll use Command strips to help keep it in place.

Image Credit: Dormify
Image Credit: Amazon

We also looked at the Melody Tufted headboard on Dormify. Again, multiple colors and easy to attach. This one came in at $145. You can get a white version on Amazon for only $97.17. It’s the Rainha Cushion Tufted headboard in white velvet.

Image Credit: Dormify

Bedskirts are great for hiding everything your child is going to stuff under their bed. When you lift the bed, you have to get a longer one. We checked out Dormify first. They came in at $85. They have four colors.

Image Credit: Amazon

Searching on Amazon, I found the Impeccable Bedding Dorm Room Bed Skirt for on $38.24. They have multiple colors and lengths. We got the 34″ length since her bed goes up 33″.

What items are you splurging on for your child’s dorm room? What are items are you buying at a discount? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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