Do you really need that?

OMG! She wants all the things for her dorm. I keep asking, do you really need it? I think we’ve narrowed down the list. I keep reminding her, we can always buy it later. So, I spent Prime day and Target deal days shopping for dorm stuff. Not sexy or exciting but definitely needed done, so why not do it at a discount? 😉

A couple of things, before shopping anywhere I did some research. I used her university dorm site for details about bed size & height, furniture provided, etc. You gotta check out what your school has so you know what to buy. From there, I looked at what the parents had to say on my Facebook group site. Then, I started searching on OCM, DormCo., and Dormify. There is a shit ton of stuff out there! I think Dormify has the trendiest stuff, but it comes at a premium price. With some searching I was able to find some pretty good dupes at better prices. Post on those to follow.

OCM & DormCo. offer dorm bundles. Basically, your necessities all in one package. You get a comforter, sheet, towels, storage, pillows, etc. I think these packages are great if you don’t have a picky kid. You can get the whole shebang for a fairly decent price. However, because of Prime days and the Target deals, I was able to get the pieces she really wanted a better price, so the package deal didn’t work for us.

Target had the best deals if you could pick up in store. There were a lot of products (laundry hamper, mattress pad, underbed storage) we wanted but you had to pick them up. I’m not trying to pack more in the car for the 12-hour drive. I wanted everything delivered directly to the school. With that thought in mind, I still scored some great deals on both sites.

Image Credit: Target is

I ordered throw pillows, closet storage, a cart, floor pillow, shower caddy, mattress topper , robe, fan, sheets, blanket, and storage cube & bins from Target and got out for under $300. I was pretty happy with that. I got garbage cans, whiteboard/calendar, bed skirt, shoe rack, laundry basket, hamper, and storage ottoman for under $100. I ordered her nightstand from Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you haven’t signed up for the student discount pass, you need to do it! I paid $64 for the 3-drawer nightstand with built in charger. Both Target & Amazon still have some great deals going on!

Things you’re not sure about, like an air purifier or humidifier, wait until your son or daughter gets moved in and settled. They may not need it. Don’t spend money on things that they won’t use or need. First thing I took off of her list was a blender. She doesn’t use one here, so why does she think she’ll use one on campus? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Best advice, make a list and actually discuss it with your kids. Remind them what they use now and what they don’t.

She still has bunch of wants on her list, but we have what she needs to get started. I’ll create a cleaning supply box and send a first aid kit as well, but as for things we need to purchase, I think we got it. It definitely saves money to do your research and shop around. Also, keep an eye out for student discounts. If you need help, check out the campus bookstore website for ideas.

What are you buying for your kid’s dorm? Any tips & tricks to share? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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