I’ll take Duckworth for the win.

Does your dog kill plush toys within an hour of getting them? Ours does. She loves to get the squeaker out of the toy & then pull out all the stuffing. Then the toy is dead to her, and she’s looking for the next one. We tired of burning through toys. Out of everything we’ve tried, we’ve only had one toy survive. 🦆

Image Credit: Amazon

The Multipet Duckworth Plush is a keeper. This toy is still standing after 6 months. It’s so good we bought another one. This duck has survived in tact after tug of war, hours and hours of chewing, and fetch. There isn’t one rip, tear, or loose string to be found. I’m beginning to think it’s indestructible. Plus, it keeps our dog entertained since she can’t bust it open. If your dog destroys toys quickly, I’d check this one out. Plus it’s on sale at Amazon for only $6.87.

Image Credit: Amazon

My runner up is the HuggleHounds Durable Knotted Squeaky. This toy is supposed to be for aggressive chewers, but our dog made it through this one pretty quickly. It took her a three days to get the squeaker and stuffing out. As I said, usually that means she done. However, she still likes this toy. I think it may be the knots. She still chew on this one or bring it out for tug of war or fetch. This toy is pricier at $23.95, but she has had it for a year.

Is your dog tough on toys? What’s your favorite for your pet? Can’t wait to hear from you. Love, TC

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