This one’s for the fellas. My husband is loving Birddog’s shorts and khakis. He started with the khakis and moved onto the shorts. Aside from Vuori, these are the only shorts he’ll wear.

Image Credit: Birddogs

Up first, the khakis. These are slim fit khakis, but they aren’t a skinny fit. He’s not going to wear skinny fit in anything. He loves that you can get them with built-in underwear aka liners. He’s taken them to Alabama and Florida and found them to be very comfortable in the heat and humidity. As my daughter would say, 10 out of 10 Highly Recommend! They come in 5 colors and he says they fit true to size. He got Ernie Musks also known as stone gray. They have these crazy names and stories for each color. Definitely entertaining reading!

Image Credit: Birddogs

He loved the Musks so much he got the Jeff Pesos aka driftwood khaki. Again, he got them with the liner and loves them. Soft & comfortable! I don’t think he’ll ever switch to the unlined pair. He’s worn them with sneakers and loafers.

Image Credit: Birddogs

The khakis were such a big hit, he ordered the Uncle Bucks (khaki color) shorts next. These worked well in Florida. He loved the built in liner and felt the shorts kept him cooler. He wore them on 17 hour drive home & thought they were more comfortable than the athletic shorts he wore on the drive down. I’m sure he’ll end up getting another color too.

My husband never shops so the fact that he bought these himself says something. He’s very happy and would recommend them to anyone. These are good idea for birthday & holiday gifts, or just because. 😉

Does your husband wear khakis? Does he shop for himself or leave it to you? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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