What’s for dinner?

Last night no one was in the mood to go out to eat, and we didn’t really want to order anything either. Plus, I didn’t feel like being stuck in the kitchen cooking. So, Cacio e Pepe to the rescue. It’s a super fast, easy, and delicious meal that uses pantry staples. It’s a go to around here when no one wants to cook.

Image Credit: Delish

Cacio e Pepe is cheese and pepper on Italian. It’s a classic pasta dish that’s easy to prepare and doesn’t require special ingredients. If you don’t count the time to boil the water, you’re done in about 10 minutes.

My favorite recipe comes from Delish. You need pasta, cheese, salt, pepper, oil, and butter. That’s it!! I stick pretty close to this exact recipe. If I don’t have pecorino cheese, I just substitute more parmesan. This recipe is always a crowd pleaser!

I only use angle hair pasta because it cooks the fastest. As soon as it’s ready, I serve it in bowls sprinkled with a little extra cheese and pepper. Even my daughter who hates pepper loves this dish! It’s a good comfort meal.

What’s your go to meal when you don’t feel like cooking? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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