Red, White, and Blah

Blah is how I felt after trying on my purchases from the Red, White & Blue sale from Old Navy. I had posted on my social media story on what I was picking up. Below are the details.

Image Credit: Old Navy

Y’all I was so pumped for this shirt!! I couldn’t wait. This is what I was going to wear all summer long. I ordered a large. My package came, and I raced to try it on. I got it and it was too big! I never had a large be too big at Old Navy. It looked like a white tent and the cut out fell right at my boobs. I went to the store to exchange it for a medium, and that was too small. I’m so freaking bummed. I’m going to search for a replacement.

Image Credit: Old Navy

Again, excited for this dress and the large was too big. As with the top, the medium was too small. So freaking weird! Did they change their sizing???

Image Credit: Old Navy

While these pieces are matching, I doubt I’ll wear them together. The shorts are everything I wanted them to be. Long enough that everything is covered & light breezy material. They’re great!! The shirt I’m keeping even though it’s a little cropped. I liked the material and love that it has a collar. I got both pieces in a large.

Image Credit: Old Navy

These 4” inseam tech shorts are a great buy as well. Super light weight and kept dry. Once again the cheeks are covered. These will go into my workout and errand rotation.

Image Credit: Old Navy

Another shirt I couldn’t wait for! And once again too big. It looked like a maternity shirt once I had it on. So disappointing! Target has a similar shirt that I’m going to check out.

Out six items, I kept three, and they were the ones I was least excited about. Sigh…

Have you ever run into a brand changing sizing and ruining your shopping experience? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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