Ideas for your outdoor space.

Just in time for your 4th of July festivities!! Below are my picks keeping your outdoor space comfortable and inviting.

Up first, you gotta take care of the bugs. My absolute favorite product for that is Cutter Backyard Bug Control. You attach it to your hose and spray away. It’s supposed to last 12 weeks but depending on the amount of rain you get, it’s probably closer to 6-8 weeks. It’s keeps mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and the like at bay. It’s safe for pets too. We (and by that I mean my husband) apply it either early in the morning or as the sun is going down. It’s so nice not to swat at bugs or get bitten while we’re outside.

Image Credit: Amazon

I already posted about my favorite fire pits here. I love a fire pit for the ambiance but also for the warmth on cooler nights. We had a party the other night, and everyone ended up around it until late into the night. Such fun!!!!

Image Credit: Amazon

If you plan on being outside while it’s dark, another great addition are sting lights and poles. We purchased these poles for our back patio. Super easy to install. We placed them in the flower bed behind our seating area. Then we strung up Brightech Ambiance Pro Solar Lights. I love them!! They’re perfect because they give off enough light without being blinding. They didn’t attract any bugs. Since they’re solar powered, I didn’t have to worry about any extension cords for people to trip over. Score!!

Image Credit: Amazon

If you’re going to be out during the day, you gotta have some shade. We have two umbrellas, one over the couch and one over the table. Both of ours came from Pottery Barn, but they’re so old they don’t make those styles any longer. You can check out some similar options here and here.

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

What are your favorite products to enjoy your outdoor space? Can’t wait to hear from you!! Love, TC

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