It’s that time again…Fire Pit Season

From early spring to late fall, I absolutely love sitting on my patio. It’s the best place for me to relax with a cup of tea in the morning and glass of wine in the evening. When it’s chilly, I turn on the fire pit. After four years, our old one had it. We purchased a new one from Amazon that was delivered next day. Thank you Prime!

I prefer gas fire pits. I like that I can turn them on and off quickly. I don’t have to fight to start a fire or wait to make sure the flames have completely died out. I just like the convenience gas affords. Our old fire pit had a concrete table that just couldn’t stand our winters any longer. It started crumbling last year and this year, a huge chunk fell off, so it was beyond time to replace it.

After search through websites and Amazon, I realized I didn’t want to spend much more than $200. Granted, there were some $5000 ones that were beautiful, but I just can’t justify spending that amount of money for something I only use during a portion of the year. The winner for me was the 28″ Cecarol Gas Fire Pit Table. It’s originally $199.99 but is on sale for $179.99. It has a metal table portion that will better withstand our crazy Maryland weather. Plus, its metal base looks like wicker which matches my patio set. It also had plenty of 5-star reviews behind it.

Image from

I also like that it had lava rocks instead of blue glass beads around the flame. I always prefer lava rocks to any type of glass in a fire pit. Don’t ask why because I can’t explain it. Aside from the look, the other selling feature for me was that the control knob is on the outside of the table. Who wants to reach into that dark space where there could be spiders? You’re feel me, right? No creepy crawlies for me please! Only drawback, it didn’t come with a cover, so now I’m on the search for one of those.

Below are some of my other top contenders, including the expensive one.

I like that this one is round. Check it out here.
I like the color of this one. Not the standard black or brown. Check it out here.
The expensive one. Check it out here.
Check out this one for your own personal table top fire. It’s on sale here.
This option is great for smaller patios. Check out here.
If you like a stone look, this one is for you.

Do you prefer a gas or wood fire pit? What’s your favorite look? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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