Coastal Grandmother – Decor

Why limit this great look to just your clothes? Check out the below items to update you home decor too! You’ll feel like you’re in the Hamptons!! All items are on Amazon.

Image Credit: Amazon

This LSKYTOP 58 Inches Wood Bead Garland will add the right vibe to your home. The white color and tan tassel stick with the neutral palette that is central to this aesthetic. Add these to a tray to hold your remotes in your family room or drape them on your mantle.

Image Credit: Amazon

How cute are these vases? The Sullivans Ceramic Vase Set- 3 Petite Vases are great for a grouping on your coffee or side table. Fill them with flower buds or leave them empty. They’re cute enough on their own!

Image Credit: Amazon

These GooBloo Wicker Baskets pack a one, two punch. They are stylish and functional. Use them as shown to store blankets or toilet paper. Add them to the bathroom counter to hold all your bottles. They come in a set of two. I recommend grabbing a couple pairs!

Image Credit: Amazon

I’m scooping up two of the LADADA Fake Peony Flowers in a Ceramic Vase. I love these to add to each end of my mantle. They’d look great as a centerpiece on the dining room table too. They give a little pop of color without being to bright.

Image Credit: Amazon

I have a similar tray like this Round Rattan Serving Tray in my kitchen. I have the salt & pepper, butter dish, napkins, and the like corralled in this tray. Keeps things looking organized and clean.

Start small with any of these items to update your home. You can start in one room or one area if your home. Try it out and see what you think. Plus, these items won’t break the bank. They’re all under $50.

Is the is a trend you’d try at home? How do you feel about a neutral palette? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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