Reverse Washing

Have you heard of it? It’s basically what it sounds like, you wash your hair in reverse order…condition then shampoo.

It trends every now and again, and it’s a hot topic once again. It’s recommended for fine/thin hair. Supposedly it gives you more volume and leaves your hair less greasy. Of course I had to try it out.

Image Credit: Amazon

My results are mixed. I used L’Oréal’s Ever Strong Shampoo & Conditioner. My typical routine begins with me soaking my hair and then shampooing. After I rinse it out, I soak my hair again and add the conditioner. I always let it sit for a few minutes while I wash my face. Then I rinse leaving a little behind to help with frizz. Then I apply my products.

This go around, I soaked my hair and applied the conditioner. I let it sit while I washed my body, then I rinsed most of it out like normal. I then washed my hair. After rinsing the shampoo I could tell my hair was probably going to be too dried out. After apply products and drying, I was right. It was frizzier than normal, but I did have a little more volume.

I tried it again the next day, and after rinsing the shampoo, I added another round of conditioner. I didn’t use as much as I normally would and rinsed it completely. I can’t say I noticed much change.

I don’t think reverse washing is the way to go for curly girls. I think it would work great for woman with dry to normal hair that aren’t prone to frizz. Shampooing after you condition just strips too much of the conditioner out for your curls. It gets rid of that nice silky coating that helps cut out frizz.

I’m going to stick with my normal routine. Although, trying reverse washing with my CurlSmith products my yield different results. Stay tuned for that post! Have you tried reverse washing? What are your thoughts? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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