The Thank You Note

Thank you notes have become a thing of the past and I’m not sure why. I love getting them! I do send them but need to do it consistently. I found the perfect app to help me do it too – Touch Note.

With this app you can pick from their selection of postcards & greeting cards. You can upload your picture, edit the wording, sign the card and have it mailed directly to the recipient. I’ve been using the postcards for thank you notes. Just sent one to my Grams and she loved it.

I selected a postcard template, uploaded my family picture, typed my note, and had it sent. I was done in 5 minutes!

I’ve tried other apps but really like this one so far. I’m terrible at putting stuff in the mail. No idea why, just never seem to get it in the mailbox so this app solves that problem for me!

For my daughter’s graduation gifts, I can snap a pic with her & her gift and use that to create the postcard. That way it’s personalized for the recipient, and they can see her with the gift!

They also have gifts but I haven’t tried that service yet. Looks to be just as easy with a fairly good selection.

Do you send thank you notes? What’s your favorite thing to write? What’s your favorite method to send them? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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