Splurge Vs. Save – Bar Cart Edition

I love my bar cart! It’s gold & glass and adds a touch of sophistication to our family room. It’s fabulous. Plus I have to take less steps to get to it then I do to our actual bar!

Image Credit: West Elm

We purchased the Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm. We went into the store one day after brunch and couldn’t leave without it. May have been the mimosas talking 😉. Regardless, we snatched it up. It was $549 when we purchased it. You can get it on sale now for $494.

It’s a bit pricey but it complemented our decor so well. And like I said, it saves me steps. I like that it’s on wheels so we can move it around when we entertain. And the mirrored shelves don’t show a ton of dust. Trust me!

If you’re interested in the same look for less, check out Target’s Kailman Bar Cart in Gold Finish.

Image Credit: Target

Um hello, looks almost exactly the same. This one looks a little sturdier but otherwise who could tell, right? I think this is a great option at $179.99. A perfect dupe if you ask me!

I’m looking at Target right now to get some gold accessories to add to our cart. I’ll share what I find!

Would you splurge or save on this item? Do you have a full bar set up at home or a small space like the cart? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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