A few months ago I switch up my face routine. Why, you ask? It’s a pain to find the right combo of products and then have your skin adjust, at least for me. I did it because I want foundation free skin & my friend from college got it with Beautycounter.

As I’m getting older, I like less and less makeup on my skin. She posted a pic on Facebook showing her foundation free beauty! I was hooked. I needed to know what she was doing.

I reached out and she told me Beautycounter. She had switched to their clean and safer skincare line and loved it. I had to order right away. I started with the entire Countermatch line. It was to help moisturizer my skin and balance its structure.

I used the face wash, toner, eye cream, serum, and day and night moisturizers. Dude, this was a big deal for me because it was the first time I wasn’t using anything that had salicylic acid…ever! So needless to say I was super skeptical. However after giving my skin a week to adjust, I loved it!!! I had this dewy glow I had never had before and I didn’t have any additional breakouts. Score!!!!

I also included the Vitamin C serum, and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel, & Charcoal mask. The peel & make came as a free gift…bonus!!

Image Credits: Beautycounter

I definitely could go without foundation!!!! Freaking phenomenal!!! Makeup took under 5 minutes in the morning!!!! I loved everything so much I started adding more products.

Ignore the cranky morning face & hair but check out the skin. No foundation & no filter.

I love their mascara. I got their tinted moisturizer for days a wanted a little more polished look. I grabbed their loose powder and some lip gloss. I also added their Tripeptide serum.

Image Credits: Beautycounter

I really like that these are clean products that rely on botanicals. Super happy with the results so far!

I have switched things up as the weather has gotten warmer. I’m not using the heavier night cream. It was just too much right now. I switched the face wash and toner to their Countercontrol set as I need a little more oil control now. I love that you can mix & match the products to customize a routine that works best for you!!

If you’re interested in seeing more, check out my girl’s site here. You won’t be sorry you did! Thanks Lauren for allowing me to share your info!!!

What’s your go to face routine? Do you switch it up as the weather changes? Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, TC

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