What’s for Breakfast?

Do you switch it up for breakfast? I pretty much stick to the same four things…English Muffins, Egg Frittatas, Protein Shakes, or Açaí Bowls. I’m not a morning person so the last thing I want to think about is what’s for breakfast. All of these items are super quick and fill me up until lunch.

Images Credits: Wegman’s

I stick with the 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins and slap on a tablespoon of Nutella. It’s about 160 calories. If I know lunch is going to be late, I throw in a Baby Bell Cheese too.

Image Credit: Beachbody

Another quick option is my Shakeology shake. I like the chocolate or vanilla flavor. For the both I use 8 oz of unsweetened plain almond milk and a banana. That’s around 243 calories. And this breakfast is great on the go or if I have an early meeting.

I lean on Costco for my other two options – Veggies Made Great Spinach Egg White Frittatas and Itella Organic Açaí Bowls.

Image Credit: Costco

The frittatas are great because they are egg whites only. Saves on calories and cholesterol while remaining filling. They’re 70 calories each, so I have two with some hot sauce. I will say they can run a little heavy on the onion so if you’re not a fan, these may not be for you. When I have time, I’ll make these myself. I’ll share the recipe on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Image Credit: Costco

The Açaí bowls are great. Especially in summer! I stock the freezer and have them for lunch or a snack too. The bowl is an açaí base with blueberries and strawberries. It comes with a granola & coconut tipping pack. I toss the bowl in the microwave for 45 seconds and then stir in the topping. With the topping it’s 180 calories. When I want an extra treat I’ll add a dollop of Nutella too. Yum 😋

All four options are fast and filling making my morning routine easier. I don’t have to think about what’s to eat. I keep the pantry and freezer stocked with these items. They work for lunch too!

What’s your go to breakfast? What tips do you have for simplifying your morning routine? I can’t wait ti hear from you! Love, TC

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