Best shave ever!

Not kidding. You gotta check out Tree Hut’s Shave Oil. Seriously obsessed!

It comes in three scents – Coconut Lime (what I have), Moroccan Rose, and Vanilla. It’s way better than shaving cream, gel or foam. I love that it’s a pump bottle so I don’t spill it or get too much. It’s the closest shave I’ve ever gotten. And it helps me from getting razor burn or irritation.

I use about 1 and a half pumps on each leg and split a pump for my arm pits. I haven’t had a bit of irritation under my arms since I started using it. I can’t wait for summer because I won’t have to worry about unsightly red bumps in my sleeveless tops.

I know you hear oil and think super slippery mess, but it truly isn’t. And it doesn’t turn my shower into an ice rink either. I haven’t noticed any extra soap scum or build up since I started using it.

I’m telling you, best freaking shave product ever!!!!! It even made a dull razor produce a closer shave. You gotta check it out ASAP! You can get it everywhere from Amazon, to the grocery store, to Ulta.

What’s your favorite way to shave? Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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