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Finally after 14 months it was time to get my eyebrows touched up. I probably could have gone a little sooner but I was lazy! This time Carey and I discussed the pros and cons of microblading versus powder brows.

I definitely have oily skin so the lines didn’t stay as crisp and fresh. Which actually was okay with me. I just added a little brow pomade and filled them in all the way. It ended up looking more like powder brows anyway. In discussing what happened, we decided powder brows would be a better option.

That means for this visit I’d get my entire eyebrow filled in with color. Again, Carey couldn’t have been more patient & took the time to answer all of my questions.

She used a similar color to last time but just a shade warmer. She said it would look more natural when they healed. Of course she was right!!

She followed my past outline and filled in both brows. Again, absolutely no pain. You could feel the vibration from the needle but that was it. Way more painful to sit through a plucking or waxing session. She told me not to freak as the brows would be pretty dark for the next few days but would lighten up nicely. Once again she was absolutely correct.

I got them done on a Saturday morning. By Monday, they were still pretty dark but I wasn’t embarrassed to go to work with them. I just added a little more eye makeup to compensate. By Friday, they were perfect!!! They look super natural!!! Having them done saves me a ton of time in the morning. I just brush them and go!! How perfect is that?!?!?

My new brows after a week.

If you’re interested in getting your brows done locally, please check out Carey here. She also offers a bunch of other services. I’m heading back next time for a facial!!! Before getting any permanent makeup done, please do your homework and make sure you have a reputable, licensed technician.

Would you ever get your brows done? Have you had them done in the past? What’s your preference, microblading or powder brows? Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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