It’s working!

45 days in and I’m sticking with it. You guys know I have thinning hair. I’m sticking with my L’Oréal EverStrong Shampoo & Conditioner, but I needed some reinforcements. Nutrafol to the rescue!!

I wanted to start with something I could do without having to see a doctor. One, COVID and two, I wanted to have another place to go if none of the OTC helped. So I started researching my options.

I had already tried Hers and wasn’t thrilled. Adding their topical treatment actually caused more hair to fall out and it didn’t grow back. I’d been taking Biotin for years. Again that probably helped the thinning slow down but didn’t fix it. I needed something else

I looked at Vegamour but felt like that was more to grow the hair than actually keep it from falling out. I looked at Dr. Shapiro. I didn’t want to do the shampoo & conditioner cause of my curls. So it didn’t make sense to any other part of it. I used Aveda’s Invati’s system before and it was too drying for curls.

I looked a more topical stuff, including CBD oils and liquid caffeine, but I know I’m shitty at staying consistent with putting it on at night. I hit up one of my Facebook curly groups to see if anyone had any other suggestions that I had thought of or tried but no luck

Of course since I was doing all this searching on my phone, Facebook ads kept popping up for all sorts of things. I finally checked out Nutrafol. After reading their site, doing my own research on its claims, and thanking their hair quiz I figured I’d give it a shot.

I really liked that it was a supplement that I could take with my other meds. Since I’m already swallowing pills in the morning it wasn’t hard to add a few more to my routine. They haven’t messed with any of my other meds or supplements either so another plus.

After two weeks, I went from losing handfuls of hair in the shower, to a more normal amount. Score!! According to the site it takes 90 days to see full results. I’m just happy that I’m not losing hunks of hair anymore. After 45 days, I’m definitely losing less hair when I wash it and not shedding as much throughout the day.

I’m hoping that after another 45 days I’ll see some hair growing back in my thinnest spots. I’m definitely optimistic based on my current results. I’ll keep you posted after the next 45 days.

How do you treating your thinning hair? Thanks for reading & responding! ❤️ TC

2 thoughts on “It’s working!

  1. Yes, keep me posted Brie as I too have been losing a lot of hair in the shower!

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