It’s been over 3 months since I posted anything? It hasn’t felt like that long! Had to get through the holidays and started a new adventure at work, so it has been a little busy. 😉

Quick catch up, still working on my getting healthy journey. I’m down a total of 21 pounds. I’ve stalled because I haven’t been working out regularly. I’ve been mentally exhausted from work so using that as my excuse for not getting up early and getting the workout done. I need to knock that shit off and just do the work.

Started back with my therapist on regular basis. I always need her when I’m overwhelmed and that’s totally where I’m at now. Always good to have her in my corner to tell me I’m not as fucked up as I think I am. Need to do some research on Imposter Syndrome.

Family is good. Our oldest is moving into a new apartment. Our youngest is starting her college search. The dog still can’t be alone. None of us have gotten COVID even with me going into an office everyday and my husband traveling for work. I get my first dose of the vaccine next week. Details to follow…

I hope everyone has been staying safe and taking care of themselves! Hope to hear from you soon! ❤️ TC

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