Piper Lou Who?

I’m sure you’ve seen their ads on Facebook. I love the sayings on their gear. I’m especially obsessed with their 30 oz. tumblers. I take one with me to work everyday.

One of my besties got me one that says “We are best friends cause everyone else sucks.” Um, yeah! Proudly display it on my desk all day long!

Before COVID, I got my crew a set of tumblers. I have “I’ll bring the alcohol.” And theirs say “I’ll bring the bail money,”, “I’ll bring the bad decisions,” and “I’ll bring the alibi.” All bases are covered!!

Piper Lou has a ton of fun sayings and comments. They also do apparel and hats. If you’re searching for ideas for friends or coworkers you should totally check them out!! I think I’m going to ask for one that says “This is probably Tito’s.”

What are some quick, fun, last minute gift ideas you’re getting for friends?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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