Early or late?

My husband and I shop very differently when it comes to Christmas presents. I like to shop early. He is content to wait until a few days before hand. Drives me crazy!!!

And I swear Amazon has made it worse. When he couldn’t get stuff shipped, he had to shop earlier. Now, he can order on the 23rd and it’s here for Christmas Eve. Damn you Prime!!

Now I’m not one of those start shopping in July types. I’d never be able to hang onto the gifts. I’d give them to everyone by August. But, I do like to start after Thanksgiving.

This year I bought a few things on Black Friday and on Saturday. They’ve already started showing up and I’m super excited to get them wrapped. My husband thinks I’m crazy. So I’ve pressed pause on the shopping. We’ll finish it together the weekend before Christmas. Too late for me and too early for him but a good compromise. 😎

Do you shop early or late? Shop all year long and hang on to the gifts until Christmas?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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