Get in my belly!! Part 2

To continue from yesterday’s post, here are some typical lunch meals. Again, it gets tracked on the My Fitness Pal app.

Shakeology. I like the Chocolate and Vanilla. My one caveat for these, have to be blended with unsweetened almond milk. I can’t do them with water or just shaken up. Sometimes I add a banana or other fruit. I also use orange juice instead of milk with the Vanilla flavor. It’s like an Orange Julius. Yum!!! Approx. 170-230 calories depending on mix-ins.

Lean Cuisine Pizzas. I like the Supreme, Pepperoni, and Four Cheese. I also like the Margarita and Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza. These are super easy to take when I’m onsite with a client. I never get tired of pizza. Approx. 330-420 depending on toppings.

Salads. I prefer romaine or butter lettuce. I mix in a ton of veggies and follow with some protein, either meat or cheese. I love Gazebo’s Greek Dressing. You can get it on Amazon. Also love most of the salads at Skinnytaste. One of my family’s favorite is this BLT salad. This one is only 197 calories. Dude it has bacon.

Jimmy Dean Bacon & Spinach Frittatas. I eat one pack which constitutes a serving. I always top it with hot sauce. Approx 260 calories.

Sandwich. I’ll use Maier’s Italian White Bread. I add 3 ounces of smoked turkey, romaine lettuce, and a couple slices of tomato. I play around with cheese and condiments. One of my favorite combos is havarti cheese & Dijon mustard. Yummy! Approx. 250 calories.

Leftovers. Anytime we have leftovers from dinner, they always a good lunch option. Approx. 300 calories.

What’s your go to lunch option? Do you pack it or buy while you’re out?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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