Slowly but Surely Update 4

I think it’s number 4. I was too tired to go back and check. I can’t believe I’m still on this journey. Who’d have thunk!!

I’ve lost 20 lbs. since I started on July 20th. I’ve lost 15 inches overall. 😳😳 And I’m still eating what I want 🍷🍪🍦, which is super important to me. I’ve got another 16 lbs. to get to my goal weight.

As I mentioned before, I think it finally clicked for me. This isn’t a quick fix and it’s for life. I had to make changes and stick with them. I’m also reminding myself that it’s ok to not be perfect with these changes. Yesterday, I skipped my workout because I wasn’t feeling it, but got up this morning and did it. Today, instead of eating real food cause I was super busy, I had two doughnuts. Bad moments don’t derail me anymore. It’s just a moment, and I don’t have to fixate on it.

Even with the doughnuts I managed to stay within my calorie range. We’re those suckers the healthiest thing for me, no. But, those choices didn’t determine the rest of my day & I didn’t let it make me feel bad. Tomorrow, I’ll make sure I’m better prepared so I don’t give in to the doughnuts.

I’m still following the BeachBody workouts, tracking my food on My Fitness Pal, and drinking my Elevacity each day. I’ve logged my food for 109 days. 🙌🏻 These items have helped me reach my goals. I’m excited to keep moving forward and feeling better!

How do you stay motivated? What mindset changes have you made to keep working towards your goal?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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