Ummm, socks.

It’s been a looooong week so I can’t say I’ve got much juice left for anything too exciting. While I was sitting here trying to come up with an idea for posting my daughter asked about my socks. She’s like, “what are those?” Of course I respond with “umm, socks.” After much back and forth, I figured out that she wanted to know why they were thicker on the bottom.

In the winter I wear Pillow Sole socks with my heeled boots. So much more comfortable when walking around. I discovered them by accident. On year at a conference in Philly, I backed for lovely spring weather and instead it snowed. I ran to Nordstrom Rack to get boots, pants, and socks. Only black socks they had, Pillow Sole.

I’d never heard of them but I needed the socks so there you go. Dude, I was shocked when I put them on the next morning. They were like normal socks on top but the bottom had extra cushioning. In the heeled boots I bought, they added so much extra cushioning that my feet didn’t hurt after a full day of walking. They were awesome!!

Of course tracking them down after the fact when I wanted more wasn’t so easy. The last place I can find them is at JCPenny’s. Check them out here . Of course mine are all black but they do make other colors. And did I mention they’re under $5??

What are your favorite winter socks? Do you like a little extra cushioning?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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