I mentioned that my daughter got the Function of Beauty shampoo & conditioner awhile ago. She wanted to try them desperately. After months of asking, I caved and she placed her order.

She has curly hair like me but tends to wear it straighter than mine. She also inherited my oily scalp. Have I mentioned how much she loves me? 😉 Anyway, she put in her hair concerns (frizz, oiliness, and split ends) and picked her scent & colors. I think she was more excited about picking the options then she was about using the product.

She ordered and we waited. They showed up with great packaging. The colors were really pretty and they smelled delicious! She picked a peach scent and it was awesome. She headed straight for the shower upon opening the box.

First day, loved, loved, loved them!!! Hair was soft & beautiful and smelled amazing! I was hoping she’d be able to go two days without washing because her oil would be under control.

We were both surprised that there wasn’t a bunch of oil control. She was pretty oily the next morning and by day three – forget about it. We weren’t super impressed especially since it was cheap.

She decided she loved the smell and the way her hair looked that day, so she’d only use for days she wanted her hair to be special. Otherwise she was much happier heading back to her drugstore brand for regular washings.

Have you tried their line? Thoughts or comments? Any other online companies you’d recommend?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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