Coffee or tea?

Both please!!! I love tea and drink it every morning, but I also enjoy coffee. Sometimes I want something a little stronger than my usual tea. And it’s even better if you add Bailey’s. 😉

To make life easier we got a Keurig years ago. Best choice! We can both make coffee or tea on demand at any point and not waste a whole pot. Love it!! We also like the choices it gives us because there are so many varieties of the K-Cups. It’s great for when we have company because we can get a milder coffee and it doesn’t go to waste.

We have the K-Classic Coffee Maker. Works great for our multiple cup a day family. Our daughter uses it for her hot chocolate fix!

Available at most retail stores and online.

Don’t laugh, but we also bought a mini one that goes with us on travel. It was perfect for our trip to the beach this summer! We had the drinks we wanted and didn’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the machine at the condo.

While checking my emails, I saw a new one advertised on Travel & Leisure. (If you don’t subscribe to their emails, you should!) It’s so freaking cute & perfect for your work from home setup!

Available at

I’m think about adding this one to our Keurig collection. How cute would that be on my desk?? Plus it’s on sale too!

Do you have a coffee or tea addiction? How do you get your fix?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

3 thoughts on “Coffee or tea?

  1. My mom is only a tea drinker. She has to have the water super hot to brew her tea. I bought her an electric tea kettle and she absolutely love’s it! Thought I’d share.

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