He loves them.

Not exaggerating one bit. He loves the Vuori Ponto Shorts. He picked & bought them himself. I get home from work, barely step in the door, and he’s like “They came. You gotta feel them.” Of course I had no idea what he was talking about.

Available at vuoriclothing.com

He pulls these shorts from the laundry room. And to his credit, softest workout/athletic shorts I’ve ever felt. Seriously. He ended up ordering another pair. He says they’re perfect.

He likes that the waistband isn’t too thick. The drawstring is flat instead of being round so it doesn’t bulk up the waistband. He loves there are no briefs inside them, and they have a zipper pocket so crap doesn’t fall out. They’re super comfortable and breathable. They keep him dry. Finally, they fit true to size. Only downsize, only a couple of colors to pick from, but I can’t personally imagine him wearing anything but black, grey or maybe blue. And I think they have those covered.

Since the shorts were so good, he ended up getting himself the joggers too since it’s getting colder. If he likes them, I may check them out too.

What do you or your guy wear to work out or chill? Any must haves? Favorite brand or style?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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