Everyone’s favorite item…leggings.

When athleisure became popular I didn’t think I’d every really join the party. Not because it wasn’t comfortable but I just wasn’t sure how to wear it outside of the gym. To this day, I probably still wear my sweats more if I’m going to be out running errands but I do love me some black leggings. I just haven’t figured out all the other pieces.

However leggings, I like for working out, running errands, and especially for work from home outfits. My favorite right now are the Gap Sculpt Compression collection. They’re super comfy but hold in all my jiggles. I like that they workout gear but not super shiny, but with all the pets they don’t attract pet hair either. You know the cotton leggings are like a freaking magnet!!!

Available at gap.com & they’re 50% off right now!

I’m rocking mine today after a walk with dog. I’ll hang in them to watch football and chill. Although as it starts to get colder the sweats will definitely make another appearance. I know the big trend now is joggers. Still not sure how I feel about those. I have one black pair but I’m not in love. Any recommendations on what brand to try?

What are you favorite leggings? Where do you get the best bang for you back? And tips for wearing them in colder weather??

Thanks for reading & responding!!! ❤️ TC

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