Slowly but Surely Part 3

9 weeks. I’ve stuck with this program for 9 weeks. Holy shit Batman! That never happens. 14 lbs and 13 inches gone…say what?? 😳 I credit it to the fact that I’ve got a great coach & I’m being realistic this time.

My coach keeps me accountable & helps keep me going. She’s there if I need a swift kick in the ass or a hug. So far I’ve needed both. 🦵🏻🤗 She’s inspired me with her transformation. Having watched her go through it keeps reminding me that my goals are possible.

Also, I’m finally accepting that the weight is not going to come off as fast as I want it to. I really have to do the work. And I’m being realistic with my food. I know I’m going to want the ice cream and alcohol so I factor that in. I gotta be happy while I’m doing this, or I’m not sticking with it.

I don’t feel deprived. I eat what I want, but now I just watch the portions. Except for last Saturday at brunch. And I didn’t feel bad about it. I knew one day wasn’t going to break me or totally derail what I’ve done so far. The mimosas, bacon and beignets were worth every ducking calorie.

I’m just more conscious of what I put in my body. I’ve tried all the fad diets before and I’d lose weight but I never stick with them. No way can I survive on 25 grams of carbs a day and be happy.

Maybe I’ve finally turned the corner and realized it’s truly a lifestyle change and not a diet. I started my new workout program this week. This one only lasts three weeks so I know I can do it!

How do you stay motivated? What keeps you going? Are you thinking diet or going for the long haul?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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