Think Dirty.

Dude it’s not what you think! It’s a clean product app. No joke! I mentioned in the natural deodorant post I did product research. This app is one of the places I go before I buy any products. It tells you how clean a product is. The lavender & rose Native came up as Zero. The lower the number, the cleaner the product.

My bathroom shelf currently rates a 6. I loaded the majority of products that I use, and they rated it. Now, I don’t strive for clean products so I’m not super upset with the score. I’m sure if I tried I could get it down.

I use the app to see how many reviews a product has along with its score. It also shows you trending products. My hairdresser turned me on to it. Love checking out what I’m buying to get more info.

I like that I can type in shampoo & it gives me a bunch if choices, or I can type in a specific product like Innersense Finishing Spray and get its details. It so easy to use!! They also have categories. Of course hand sanitizer is now one of them. 😉

If you’re looking for less toxic beauty products, it’s definitely an app with checking out! And did I mention it’s free? You can get a premium membership and unlock more content but the free version has been enough to suit my needs. Definitely worth checking out!

Do you do research before you buy a product? Is going clean important to you?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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