Dolla, Dolla Bills Y’All!

I don’t ever carry cash. I haven’t for years! My husband on the other hand, he always has some cash on hand. As such, he’s always carried a money clip. And I’ve never seen him with a wallet, just a card carrier. He can’t stand having anything in his back pocket.

He just bought himself the Forrest & Harold Slim RFID Money Clip Wallet. I had no idea he ordered it, but I guess that’s why the ads started showing up in my Facebook feed. 😉

We were at brunch over the weekend, and he whips it out and starts raving. Okay – raving may be a strong word for him, but he was so happy with it.

He said he loves that it still fits in his front pocket, carries everything he needs, and isn’t bulky. I think the RFID was a plus for him too. His only complaint, he didn’t really like the color combos and wished this version came in one, solid color. He ended up with the Espresso/Stone version.

Available at

He doesn’t usually share an unsolicited opinion, so I know he must like it! Gift idea ladies or a good option to pick up for yourself fellas!

Does your man prefer a wallet or money clip? Do you still carry a wallet?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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