Three fluid ounces.

Anyone else dread those words? Pre-Covid, I traveled a ton for work. So much so that my first thought with any beauty or hair product was can I get this on a plane?

No joke. I packed my toiletries before anything else. I mentioned before that I only travel with a carry on, so if I couldn’t get it past TSA, it couldn’t go.

Seriously, as a frequent traveler it’s a major pain in the ass to fit your whole beauty routine into a sandwich bag! Especially if you love products and have curly hair!!

While I haven’t flown as much lately, I know the time will come again where I’m traveling. I figured I’d share some of my tips and tricks.

First off, stalk your favorite brands. A lot of them don’t have travel sizes for regular sale but they make them for promos. You can usually get a travel size when they do gift with purchase promos. Example, Lancôme doesn’t do a travel size of my favorite eye cream because the regular bottle is just under an ounce. However the bottle is ducking huge and takes up a ton of space. Enter their Christmas gift with purchase, a perfect sized travel bottle! Definitely check out when your brands run promos & sales to find pint size or minis of your favorite products.

Another tip, become a Sephora VIB. You can use your VIB points to get awesome travel size products. They have a great mini bumble & bumble Don’t Blow It styler. I grabbed a couple of these when they had them. They have a bunch of other minis and samples as well. I use Drunk Elephant products to clean my face. Sephora had a mini set of the products I use that I got free for my birthday. I ducking love free!!!

For those items that I can’t get in mini sizes, I use travel bottles and contact lens cases. I like Valourgo silicon bottles. They’re not huge and the silicon helps make sure I get every drop. Plus they’re easy to fill. You can get them on Amazon. They also have smaller pots, but I like to use contact lens cases. They hold plenty for products like eye creams and serums. And I have a ton of them as they come with every bottle of saline solution I buy.

Available at

The other brand of travel bottles I like is Muji. They have a foam bottle for my mousse which is always super hard to find!!

Available at

These tricks help me travel with everything I need and still go with a carry on! How do you pack your beauty routine?

Thanks for reading & responding!! ❤️ TC

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