Keeping it real.

On Monday, I had another virtual session with my therapist. I was thinking about our visit while getting ready for today.

It’s so much freaking easier to meet virtually!!!!!!!! I save an hour in drive time, I don’t have to put on makeup, and showering is optional. Score!!! Although I do usually try to have a shower before she FaceTimes me, but sometimes she’s gotta deal with sweaty, post workout me. And I love that she FaceTimes me and we don’t zoom or need a ducking app. Makes life so easy!

During our session she told me she actually ditched her office space because everyone was happy to keep this new format. Now I’m sure this format isn’t the greatest if you’re just getting to know your therapist, but my girl has been dealing with my crazy for years!! We know each other and are comfortable with one another. She told me one of her clients mentioned that she felt just as cared for virtually as she did in the office & I totally agree!!! It’s also kinda cool getting a sneak peak into her life as I get to see her home office.

All this got me thinking maybe more people should try virtual therapy. I know there a ton of online services out there. Maybe people would have less anxiety talking about their feelings if they’re sitting at home, in a space they feel comfortable. Obviously I’m no doctor but just thought I’d share what’s going through my brain. I can’t say enough good things about having a therapist. She’s an impartial third party that helps me work through my issues and calls me on my bullshit when I need it. Typing that made it seem like she’s a paid bestie. That may be the case but she’s helped me through so much crap in my life & brought me out stronger on the other end, it’s worth every penny!!!

How could you not benefit from that type of interaction? I think there’s been such a stigma around therapy and talking to a professional that we forgot it actually helps. My girl has helped me become a better person and realize I don’t have to be so hard on myself. She keeps me in check when I get myself spun up and reminds me that everything can’t be my way. She asked me years ago what I wanted. My answer, to be happy with myself. She’s definitely helped me get there, and this virtual format works even better for me!

Maybe this new normal isn’t so awful after all. 😊 Do you have someone to talk to? Do you see a therapist or a doctor? What works for your life?

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