Splurge vs Save: Face Brushes/Scrubber Thingys

I’m huge into exfoliation. Love my electronic face brushes, buff puff (yes I know I’m dating myself), face scrubby things, etc. I have such large pores that I need to make sure I get as much junk out of them as possible. I figured I’d share my favorite pricy one and my favorite cheapie. 😎

As you know, I always do the splurge first. And this time I have to do two. The Clarisonic and Mary Kay’s Skinvigorate Sonic Brush. You’re getting two because Clarisonic has stopped production and is shutting its doors on 9/30. So if you have one, better stock up on your brush heads now! Mary Kay’s version stacks up quite well against Clarisonic, and it’s only $75 as opposed to Clarisonic’s $100-$150 price tag. I think the Skinvigorate’s bristles are actually a little softer which is nice for sensitive skin. They both have multiple speeds and leaving my sling feeling super clean. They both claim to help with better absorption of your face products. If you’re looking for a sonic brush, check out the Skinvigorate.

Hit up a Mary Kay consultant or head to http://www.marykay.com to pick one up.

I’ve also tried the Foreo Luna. It’s a silicone face scrubber. I didn’t care for it as it was too big to get into the crevices around my nose. I even tried their mini travel version and still wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t feel like my face got any cleaner than when I just use my hands.

They have them at Sephora & Ulta but I don’t recommend them.

My cheapie version is my favorite! I have one on the sink, one in the shower and one in my travel bag. I use Target’s Facial Buff Sponges. They come in a bag of 12 for $2.29. A bag lasts maybe a year or so. I change them out about once a month. I get the same exfoliation at a fraction of the cost. And since they’re flexible I can get them into every wrinkle and crevice. When I don’t use one of these, I can tell a difference in my skin right away. I also tend to have more breakouts when I don’t use one. You gotta try them for the cost!! You can’t beat it!

Available in stores and at http://www.target.com.

How do you exfoliate? What’s your preferred method? Scrub, brush or something else?

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